Server-Side Scala Developer - job id 30731

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Server-Side Scala Developer

$950 - Per Day IC - Self Incorporated or $870 w2

Lower Midtown

How to Apply


Spencer Sotto


(646) 876-9544


(212) 616-4800 ext-220

A Contract position at one of the top Investment banks..

Pay Options: IC - Self Incorporated or w2.

Contact Spencer Sotto. call (212) 616-4800 ext.220 or email with the Job Code SS30731 or Click the Apply Now button (Sorry, NO 3rd Party (Subcontract) or 1099 for this position!).

Location: Lower Midtown.

Skills required for the position: SCALA, JSON, REST, MIDDLEWARE, COHERENCE, SCRUM.

Optional (not required):PYTHON, SHELL SCRIPTING

Detailed Info: to be part of an global agile development team developing a real time risk management system that caters to all of Equities. Actively contribute to all-round development using Scala. Actively contribute in development, sprint planning, support ( second line) & release management. Pair program effectively with different members on different tasks.

Development/Computing Environment: Scala with experience developing multi-threaded server-side applications/services. Functional programming experience. Knowledge/Familiarity & experience with frameworks such as

a.JSON (Json4s)

b.REST (Play/Spray)

c.messaging middleware (ActiveMQ, Kafka)

d.Distributed Cache (Coherence/Hazelcast)

e.BDD (Specs2/ScalaTest)

Good Problem solving & Analytical skills. Knowledge of Scrum/Kanban and experience working on Agile teams. Good communication & interpersonal skills.

Desirable Skills

Python, Shell scripting

Akka Actor Messaging/Akka or Rx Streams

Distributed VCS such as Git/Mercurial

HTML5/Bootstrap + any JS framework (Angular/Knockout/Backbone)


Financial industry experience


Bachelor's degree in computer science or equivalent training required.

6-8 years experience required..

The position offers competitive rate.

Job Id: 30731