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Business Analyst (Data Analysis)

Market Contract W2 Rate

Wall Street

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Kyle Barlics


(732) 791-4723


(212) 616-4800 ext-580

A Contract position at a Major Global Investment Bank, with the need for resources to execute large scale Trading and Investment Banking system projects.

Pay Options: w2.

Contact Kyle Barlics. call (732) 791-4723 / (212) 616-4800 ext.580 or email with the Job Code KTB30859 or Click the Apply Now button

Location: Downtown NYC.

Skills required for the position: Business Analyst, DATA ANALYSIS, DATA QUALITY, REGULATORY.

Detailed Info: Lead the stakeholders (Finance, CCAR, businesses, data sourcing, business groups ) in identification of the critical data elements for their key business processes Perform data analysis and profiling, review and fully understand regulatory requirements, review and fully understand existing rules, work with stakeholders to define new DQ rules across multiple DQ dimensions; Lead the stakeholders in determining the DQ thresholds for specific attributes/feeds/DQ rules and assigning RAG status;

Determine/update criteria for raising issues based on DQ measurement; work closely with Issue Management and Resolution lead to resolve DQ issues;

Development/Computing Environment: Design the DQM tracking dashboards and reports; Understand data consumption patterns by Risk, Finance and Compliance Participate in working groups directly and indirectly relating to accounts, metrics and regulatory reporting Ensure all data requirements can be tied back to a specific business output, and prioritize measurement based on the direct relevance of data sourced for the purpose of these outputs; both Financial and Regulatory Work in partnership with upstream suppliers of Finance data (Sales and Trading, Reference Data etc) to ensure data measurement is understood and appropriately prioritized


The position offers competitive rate.

Job Id: 30859