Unix Administrator - job id 31384

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Unix Administrator

$160,000 F/T Employee

Downtown, NYC West

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Gia Palomo


(646) 876-9548


(646) 876-9548


A F/T position at a major U.S. financial institution.

Pay Options: F/T Employee.

Contact Gia Palomo. call (646) 876-9548 / (212) 616-4800 ext.280 or Email Gia@sans.com with the Job Code GP31384 or Click the Apply Now button ().

Location: Downtown, NYC West.

Skills required for the position: LINUX, SDLC, SHELL, TESTING.

Detailed Info: s a SDLC System Engineer you will have the opportunity to work with development teams and core engineering teams solve platform integration engineering problems related to the strategic SDLC platform. You will be comfortable coding tools, automating workflows, integrating systems and partnering with application developers. You have experience engineering automated and standardized SDLC tooling which includes: build, test, deploy, release, entitlements. you are expected to have working knowledge of enterprise level SDLC problem space, and manage a high level of risk.

Development/Computing Environment:

Key skills and qualifications

Responsible for effective installation/configuration, operation, and maintenance of services, server components and related infrastructure

Accomplished software developer with track record of success

Knowledge of python and Linux

Familiarity with any one of the following Java, shell script, groovy or Scala

Strong problem solving skills and technical judgment

Is clearly recognized as a subject matter expert by peers

Degree(s) in computer science, engineering or relevant field preferred.

Experience installing and configuring enterprise applications in a large infrastructure. Examples [Ansible, Chef, Puppet, JIRA, Confluence, BitBucket, Jenkins, Artifactory, Confluence, Jira/BitBucket Datacenter, ElesticSearch, etc]

Experience using monitoring software and tools and customizing alerts. Appdynamics

Nice to have: Experience configuring and installing scalable Big Data name and data nodes is a plus.


The position offers competitive compensation package.

Job Id: 31384