Natural Language Processing (NLP) Engineer - job id 32101

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Natural Language Processing (NLP) Engineer

F/T Employee

Downtown, NYC - Financial District

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Claire Volis


(732) 757-2841


(212) 616-4800 ext-590

A F/T position at a global financial services firm.

Will work in the newly formed Artificial Intelligence team. Candidate will be doing hands-on Research and Development for building NLP-based products in the financial domain. Products may span Deep/Shallow Question Answering, Search, ChatBots to enable various operation tasks, client assistance based on inferred client needs, Virtual Assistant to Financial Advisors etc. Hands-on work involves building components for concept/relation extraction, intent identification, text classification, meaning representation at different levels (word, sentence, paragraph), answer passage retrieval/ranking, dialog/discourse management and others required to deliver end-to-end systems for these products.

Contact Claire Volis. call (732) 791-4721 / (212) 616-4800 ext.590 or email with the Job Code CV32101 or Click the Apply Now button

Location: Downtown, NYC - Financial District.

Skills required for the position: NLP.

Optional (not required):SCALA, PYTHON

Detailed Info: Responsibilities:

- Independently work on end-to-end development of NLP models to derive insights from research publications, legal documents, regulatory requirements etc.

- Lead NLP projects and develop models in collaboration with members of MSML team, strats and quants

- Mentor junior members of the team

- Work with stakeholders to refine requirements and communicate progress

- Work with the team to develop a system for semantic search, knowledge graph creation, chat bot, summarization, paraphrase detection, question answering etc.

- Train deep learning models with internal and external NLP datasets

- Deploy models to production and monitor performance

- Develop original ideas to create cognitive systems

- Participate in internal and external forums

Development/Computing Environment:


Qualifications Required:

- Extensive experience in applying different NLP techniques to problems such as sentence summarization, question answering, sentiment analysis, knowledge extraction and conversational bots

- Expertise in NLP methods such as LSA, LDA, Semantic Hashing, Word2Vec, LSTM, BiDAF etc.

- Strong command over linear algebra and statistics having the ability to quickly translate ideas to efficient, elegant code

- Development experience in Python or Java/Scala with good command over respective data pipelining, matrix algebra and statistics libraries

- Stanford CoreNLP with good command over SemRegex

- Deep learning programming experience with Python/Tensorflow or similar library in a GPU environment

- Experience working with external reference datasets like SQUAD, SemEval, MSRP, WikTable, WikiQA, AllenAI etc.

- Tuning and optimization of sequential deep learning models

- Model deployment and scaling experience

- 5-10 years of NLP experience

- MS in Computer Science with NLP specialization. PhD preferred.


- Reinforcement learning experience and it's application to NLP is highly desirable

- Deep Generative models and their application to NLP

- Research publications.

The position offers competitive compensation package.

Job Id: 32101