Developer-focused Technical Writer (Platforms) who uses GIT - job id 32400

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Developer-focused Technical Writer (Platforms) who uses GIT

New York

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(212) 616-4800


(212) 616-4800

A Contract position at finance and technology firm that actively manages money across the world markets..

Pay Options: w2 or IC - Self Incorporated.

Contact Jason Vu. call (646) 876-9536 or email with the Job Code AT32400 or Click the Apply Now button ().

Location: Spring St.

Skills required for the position: TECHNICAL WRITER, DOCUMENTATION, GIT.

Detailed Info:

Looking for a developer-focused technical writer to curate and enhance the documentation set for our tools and frameworks.

The initial focus will be on our internal, Git-based versioning system; over time, the work may expand to encompass containerized deployment (Kubernetes), microservice architectures, proprietary storage solutions, and more.

Review support channels and work with Platform Engineering developers and the firm's Engineering Education group to identify documentation needs.

Develop and implement an organizational structure for internally-facing Git/SDLC process documentation. Review and revise existing documentation; create new documents using Markdown and Atlassian Confluence.

Edit developer-authored pages for accuracy and completeness. As appropriate, develop tutorials, examples and other learning materials

Development/Computing Environment: Passion for explaining technical topics to a varied audience of software engineers. Ability to analyze and bring order to large repositories of technical documentation. Experience authoring documentation using Markdown and Atlassian Confluence. Preference is for a writer who has hands-on experience working with Git, ideally in an enterprise setting. Knowledge of other development and runtime tools (e.g., Bazel, Kubernetes) is an additional plus..

The position offers competitive rate.

Job Id: 32400