Core Bob Developer (Python, or Perl and SSL) - job id 32704

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Core Bob Developer (Python, or Perl and SSL)

$200,000 - Per Year F/T Employee

World Financial Center

How to Apply


George Konetsky


(646) 876-9562


(212) 616-4800 ext-180

A F/T position at a major U.S. financial institution.

Pay Options: F/T Employee.

Contact George Konetsky. call (646)876-9562 / (212)616-4800 ext.180 or email with the Job Code GK32704 or Click the Apply Now button ().

Location: Downtown, NYC West.

Skills required for the position: PYTHON, SSL, DATA, DATA STRUCTURES.

Optional (not required):PERL, MESSAGING

Detailed Info:

This is for a proprietary platform for job scheduling and Enterprise application management at a major banking firm.

The system orchestrates hundreds of thousands jobs per day across a large farm of Linux servers, with support for dynamic job scheduling, intra-job dependencies etc. In this role, you will work in a small team which is responsible for developing, enhancing, modifying and/or maintaining the job scheduling system.

Software developers design, code, test, debug and document programs as well as support activities for the corporate systems architecture, and work closely with business partners in validating requirements and functionality for system applications.

Employees typically have in-depth knowledge of development tools and languages.

Additional Detail: In particular this role is in the platform team and specifically work around the job scheduling system and its tooling.


Design, develop, and maintain high-performance systems

Build core technology components

Enhance functionality to be used and shared by a large community of developers

Research and analyze data processing functions, methods and procedures

Monitor program execution for expected performance

Development/Computing Environment:


  • .A solid understanding of Data Structures and programming languages is needed.

  • A good working knowledge of Linux is needed.

  • Experience working with any of SSL, Kerberos, RDBMS, or messaging systems will all be a plus.

  • The core development is in Python. - Candidate MUST be familiar with scripting languages (ie: Perl, python)

  • Previous experience in development of large distributed platforms is welcomed but not required.

You will work with a cutting-edge technology stack that includes:

  • Python based environment for agile development

  • Globally distributed object-oriented petabyte-class databases

  • Linux compute farms on-tap

  • A core framework of reusable business objects

  • A multi-million line code base

  • Automated tools for testing, integration and global application deployment

The position offers competitive compensation package.

Job Id: 32704