Software Developer for Tools Development - Java and/or Python - job id 32783

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Software Developer for Tools Development - Java and/or Python

$150,000 F/T Employee

Houston, TX

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Jason Vu


(646) 876-9536


(212) 616-4800 ext-290

A Full-time position at finance and technology firm that actively manages money across the world markets..

Pay Options: F/T Employee.

Contact Jason Vu. call (646)876-9536 / (212)616-4800 ext.290 or email with the Job Code JV32783 or Click the Apply Now button

Location: Houston.

Skills required for the position: Java or Python and/or DevOps

Detailed Info:

Seeking hardcore software developer/engineer with DEEP understanding and coding of data structures and algorithms using Java and/or Python. You will be developing software tools for the DevOps and Site Reliability Engineering staff.

To Build DevOps tools to support ingesting over 10 terabytes of data per day. The software engineer will build tools / programs and software for an audience of other software engineers to enable them to do devops easier. This role is creative and about software ideas and with a passion to build things for techies.

This firm considers itself a software engineering firm where technology is a major contributor to the firm's success. Since 2001 Software engineers have helped tackle the complex and interesting challenge of discovering value hidden in the world's data. We are pushing the technical envelope to solve these problems, and in the process are helping to redefine investment management and other fields. As the world of data continues to grow exponentially, the issues they address will only increase in difficulty, scale and excitement. In order to meet these challenges, we've built a data accumulation platform that allows us to ingest over 10 terabytes of data per day, and a custom distributed storage solution to store the over 50 petabytes of information we've accumulated since our inception. We've also built an entire suite of analysis tools that enable our quantitative researchers to utilize this data to produce predictive models that help us automatically invest each and every day. This model-driven, technology-fueled approach to investing not only gives us a long-term advantage over old-school investors - it has also created a whole set of technical problems to solve that don't always have an obvious solution. This gives you the ongoing opportunity to build proprietary solutions and/or bring to bear the best open source options the market. We have created a robust infrastructure that empowers all of our engineers, and you will work within a collaborative work culture that ensures that a great idea can come from anywhere.

Development/Computing Environment: Know how to build tools that are commerical quality to enable DevOps for other sofware developers.

Need an understanding of DevOps and a passion to make it even easier / better. Know how to deal with significantly large amounts of data - 10 terabytes per day. Java or Python expert. Software tools experience. Past experience of DevOps and have ideas how to improve standard DevOps.

Relocation assistance for anybody outside of Houston area


The position offers competitive compensation package.

Job Id: 32783