CICS Systems Programmer - job id 33113

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CICS Systems Programmer

Per Hour IC - Self Incorporated or w2

Downtown, NYC - Financial District

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Claire Volis


(732) 757-2841


(212) 616-4800 ext-590

A Contract position at a global financial services firm.

Pay Options: IC - Self Incorporated or w2.

Contact Claire Volis. call (732)791-4721 / (212)616-4800 ext.590 or email with the Job Code CV33113 or Click the Apply Now button ().

Location: Downtown, NYC - Financial District.

Skills required for the position: CICS, SAS, NATURAL, ADABAS.

Detailed Info: to be responsible for all CICS related functions with an emphasis on CICS performance related items. Candidate should be knowledgeable on how to perform software upgrades and maintenance.

Development/Computing Environment: Knowledge of all CICS parameters that control performance in a CICS MRO environment. Knowledge of CICS SMF record structure and the CICS Performance Analyzer tool to gather statistics necessary to tune CICS regions. Experience with MRO environments as well as CICSPlex SM implementation & customization. Knowledge of the CICS resource definitions that pertain to CICS region performance. Experienced with the CICS monitoring tools such as Omegamon/CICS and Sysview for CICS. Knowledge of Cobol to support application developers. Ability to use the SAS language and CA-MICS to generate customized CICS performance reports. Additional Desired Skills: Assembler coding and knowledge of CICS Exits.- Web application support in a CICS TS V5.x environment- Understanding of zOS facilities such as: APF, Linklist, VSAM, LPA. Good oral/written communication skills. Good Project Management skills. Knowledge of the CICS Interdependency Analyzer tool. Working knowledge of the zOS & CICS Explorer. Natural language & Adabas. Prior Application programming experience a plus.

The position offers competitive rate.

Job Id: 33113