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Data Scientist

Per Hour IC - Self Incorporated or w2

Midtown NYC on 6th

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Claire Volis


(732) 757-2841


(212) 616-4800 ext-590

A Contract position at a global financial services firm.

Pay Options: IC - Self Incorporated or w2.

Contact Claire Volis. call (212)616-4800 ext.220 or email with the Job Code SS33197 or Click the Apply Now button ().

Location: Midtown NYC.

Skills required for the position: DATA SCIENTIST, MACHINE LEARNING, NLP, JAVA.

Detailed Info: to perform groundbreaking work in Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning methods, and will tailor them to front-office applications involving credit analysis, trading strategies, pricing models, and more.

Projects may involve applying NER and sentiment analysis techniques to analyze corporate financial documents and news articles; or using state-of-the-art parsing methods to extract bond covenant information, and then using a training model to derive bond behavior under stressed scenarios.

The ideal candidate for this would possess a combination of research and professional experience in the fields related to Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning.

The person should be on the forefront of NLP/ML technologies, and be able to translate theory to projects that are deliverable on the commercial scale.

Development/Computing Environment:

MS or PhD in Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, or related field.

5+ years, a combination of professional and/or research experience.

Apply different NLP techniques to areas such as sentiment analysis, classification, data/knowledge extraction, disambiguation.

Expertise in NLP methods such as LSA, LDA, Semantic Hashing, Word2Vec, LSTM, BiDAF.

ML experience with different supervised and unsupervised learning algorithms.

Expertise in one or more programming languages: Java 8, Scala, Python, R, willing to consider others.

Experience working with large, complex and diverse data sets from a variety of sources. StanfordCoreNLP/GATE experience a plus.

Experience with Spark, or similar frameworks a plus. Publications on ML/NLP a big plus.

The position offers competitive rate.

Job Id: 33197