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Business Analyst- Financial Market Data

$120,000 F/T Employee

White Plains

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Suzana Gjinovic


(646) 876-9560


(212) 616-4800 ext-200

A F/T position at company that owns exchanges for financial and commodity markets, and operates 23 regulated exchanges and marketplaces..

Pay Options: F/T Employee.

Contact Suzana Gjinovic. call (646)876-9560 / or email with the Job Code SG33493 or Click the Apply Now button ().

Location: White Plains.

Skills required for the position: Business Analyst, MARKET DATA, OTC.

Detailed Info: Responsibilities: Understanding Market Data Conventions - Achieve deep understanding of the market conventions for each relevant data source (market conventions include such things as how instruments are traded, special trading conditions that can occur and how they impact various derived data such as VWAPs, daily highs and lows, etc., trading units, minimum trade sizes, etc). Market Data Conventions must be understood from the perspective of the provider (exchange), the vendor (IDS), and the customer.

Writing Content Requirements - Review feed specifications provided by the Exchange or 3rd party source, and translate such specifications into detailed and documented business rules for the Development team to implement. Such rules include mapping of incoming fields to the IDS data model, defining appropriate rules/business logic for correctly calculating derived data such as VWAPs, highs/lows, normalizing trade condition codes into the IDS global standard, and defining how fields need to be presented to customers (e.g., ensuring proper scaling of numbers). Ownership of Requirements - Ensuring all requirements, both new and changes, are reviewed, acknowledged, and properly handed off to the appropriate technology and business teams in a complete and timely fashion. Monitoring for Changes - Monitoring exchange and 3rd party source change notifications, and ensuring that tickets are immediately raised and analyzed for impact to accommodate the change.

Development/Computing Environment: Detail oriented. Excellent verbal and written English language skills. Ability to read and understand technical specifications provided by Exchanges and other 3rd party sources. Prior experience working for a market data vendor, specifically in the area of real-time data feed processing, either as a business analyst or a content specialist. Ability to explain challenges with respect to ingest and normalization of real-time market data. Ability to acquire detailed knowledge of market trading rules and conventions for various Exchange and other 3rd party / OTC venues through independent research, networking amongst internal and external peers, industry forums, reference materials provided by the Exchanges and other 3rd parties, etc. Ability to create well written, concise and comprehensive business requirement documents which clearly define how Development should implement support for a new or modified market data feed such that it conforms to the IDS defined data model standards and any and all relevant local market rules and conventions. Preferred Qualifications: Deep knowledge of 'raw' exchange feeds across at least one geography but preferably across multiple geographies. Global knowledge is best in class. Expertise in C&E markets is a plus. Experience in quality assurance in either software or content products. Knowledge of financial services, data vendors, end user customer firms. Bachelor's or equivalent university degree. Multi-lingual.

The position offers competitive compensation package.

Job Id: 33493