Backend Systems and APIs Senior Software Engineer (Node.JS or GO) - job id 33561

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Backend Systems and APIs Senior Software Engineer (Node.JS or GO)

Market $$$ F/T Employee

New York, NY

How to Apply


Jason Vu


(646) 876-9536


(212) 616-4800 ext-290

A FULL-TIME position at an American worldwide mass media conglomerate.

Pay Options: F/T Employee.

Contact Jason Vu. call (646)876-9536 / (212)616-4800 ext.290 or email with the Job Code JV33561 or Click the Apply Now button ().

Location: New York, NY.

Skills required for the position: CONTRACT MANAGEMENT, NODE.JS, GRAPHQL, NOSQL.

Optional (not required):GO, MONGO-DB

Detailed Info:

The content engineering team builds the tools and infrastructure that empowers reporters, editors and producers to report stories that help our readers make sense of the world. Software engineers on the content team work with technologies like React, Node.js, Go, GraphQL, Elastic Search and more to create the platforms that power News websites and applications. We collaborate closely with product managers, designers and the newsroom to build products that help manage content and make it accessible to our web sites, apps, developers and other experiences.

Development/Computing Environment: Technical Skills

1. Experience building back-end systems in NodeJS and/or Go

2. Experience with GraphQL and similar API paradigms

3. Experience with RDBMS and NoSQL databases (specifically Mongodb, but broad experience is ok) and indexing technologies like ElasticSearch

4. Experience with modern-day development practices (continuous integration, agile workflows, git version control)

5. Experience with systems design, including data and API contract design

6. The ability to work with other development squads to help establish consensus on API design

7. Willingness to act across formal role boundaries (e.g. set up a database even if they aren't a DBA)


The position offers competitive rate.

Job Id: 33561