Kubernetes Cloud Platform Developer - Cloud III_US - job id 34103

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Kubernetes Cloud Platform Developer - Cloud III_US

$90 per hour c2c

Princeton, NJ

How to Apply


Spencer Sotto


(646) 876-9544


(212) 616-4800 ext-220

A Contract position at Financial Information and Ratings Agency.

90 per hour Pay Options: w2.

Contact Spencer Sotto. call (646)876-9544 / (212)616-4800 ext.220 or email spencer@sans.com with the Job Code SS34103 or Click the Apply Now button (Sorry, NO IC - Self Incorporated or 3rd Party (Subcontract) for this position!).

Location: Princeton, NJ.

Skills required for the position: NT, UNIX.

Optional (not required):COM, PYTHON, CLOUD

Detailed Info: Administrate and push forward our specifically engineered clusters and their lifecycle, in order to guarantee a high degree of reliability, security, scalability, and confidence at any given time,

Provide support, improve and implement Kubernetes internal components and applications on top of multiple clusters and troubleshoot and triage issues as they arise

Work closely with various teams across the organization, including the security team, frontend, and engine-team in order to spread knowledge and practices around our self-service infrastructure,

Being able to excel with minimal technical supervision, embrace reliability constraints, be proactive, contribute improvements to the platform, appreciate GitOps and encourage best practice policies, have the ability to adapt to various technologies and be willing to get involved with the Kubernetes community as needed.

Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science or equivalent required; Masters Degree in Computer Science or equivalent preferred;


You are proficient in either Golang, Python, and Terraform

Strong AWS knowledge and experience or related cloud providers

Knowledge of Docker and multi-stage builds, registries, and best image practices

Understanding and experience with using Kubernetes operators

Deep understanding of Kubernetes microservices architectures and internal components

Running and building non-root docker containers for secure environments

Strong Linux or UNIX experience

Deep understanding of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)

Experience with GitOps development workflow and infrastructure as code (IAC) approach

Deep understanding of distributed systems consistency models and design practices

Understanding of Kubernetes pod liveness monitoring and metrics practices

Experiencing with running applications in high availability mode (HA) on Kubernetes

Understanding of Kubernetes network architecture how traffic moves within pods, between clusters, load balancers, and the internet

Knowledge of Kubernetes DNS how it interacts with external DNS servers

End to end troubleshooting experience

Must be able to work with minimal supervision

Collaborator, analytical, communicator and will help others with related to Kubernetes

Experience with Prometheus, Graphite is a plus

Experience with Kubernetes Admission Controllers a plus

Experience defining and implementing Kubernetes security policies is a plus

Service mesh experience is a plus

Experience with data templating languages like Jsonnet or related a plus

Prior experience architecting a Kubernetes solution (preferably not a POC)

Ability to architect and implement end-to-end container management

Docker expertise


Microservices experience

Expert level experience writing scripts for automation

Advising a client on Kubernetes best practices


Development/Computing Environment: .

The position offers competitive rate.

Job Id: 34103